Luckiest People

5. Pile of Poop saves woman from 6th floor fall

No, we are not s*itting you! It’s said in some cultures that stepping in poop accidentally, brings you luck. Well, a woman from Nanjing, a city in the Jiangsu province of China made it out alive with just a few scratches and bruises after falling from the 6th floor. What the pile of poop have to do with all this? Well, the woman fell right on top of the human feces, which acted like a cushion, broke her fall and saved her life!

The buck load of sh*it that saved her life was estimated to be approximately 20 centimeters, or 7.9 inches, in depth, and it was there due to some construction workers who had been cleaning the storage tanks in the building’s septic system.

6. Woman wins the lottery FOUR times

Joan Ginther is 63 years old and she has won almost $21 million since she began a winning spree back in 1993. Any person’s chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 18 septillion, (18 with 24 zeros after it) making it almost impossible to actually win once, but 4 times?! That’s what I call pure LUCK!

7 . Lucky man escapes death and wins lottery

Ok, so winning the lottery is considered to be a lucky event, but winning the lottery after escaping death, now that’s a whole new level of luckiness! At 76 years old, Frane Selak can easily laugh in the face of a cat’s nine lives. This Croatian local has made it out alive from:
-an airplane crash,
-riding a train into a freezing cold river,
-being on a bus falling from a bridge,
-being in two burning cars
-and a good old fashioned car crash
Not sure whether to call that good luck or bad! But things took a turn to the better in 2002, when the man won one million dollars at the lottery. With part of the money, the man bought a chapel to thank the Lord for all of his good luck.

See his story in the . it is a commercial, but, hey, the facts are true.

Below, you can watch a compilation of videos with some of the world’s luckiest people:

In the next video you will see people making it out alive from car crashes, trees falling on their cars and many more spooky incidents:

Next, we have another compilation video of lucky people. My top favorite in this one is the part where a stubborn driver tries to beat a speeding train, and pass the railway. Unfortunately for him, he gets stuck, and the train passes the car by a few millimeters… Also, you will see an interesting part where a skateboarder skates himself under the wheels of a Jeep and walks away like nothing happened. See those moments and many more in the :

If you see the , you will realize just how lucky some people are!

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