Latest Guinness World Records 2012

Guinness Book Of World Records 2012 – Latest Records

People do amazing stuff, like getting into the Guinness Book Of World Records for some extraordinary abilities. Care to know what the record is for the most cartwheels in a minute (without hands)? Or how long is a flame produced by a man that eats fire? Lets find that out, and many more amazing Guinness World records of 2012.

The Guinness Book of World Records is an annual publishing which collects the oddest, most amazing and interesting records of that year. Let’s check out together what extremes we have to watch and be amazed for in the year of 2012.

1. Most cartwheels in a minute (without hands)

The most cartwheels without hands in one minute is 45 and was achieved by Zhang Ziyi (China) on the set of CCTV Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 15 August 2011.

2. Longest snake – ever in captivity

Meet Fluffy… a a reticulated python (Python reticulatus), who currently holds the record for the world’s longest snake ever kept in captivity! The gigantic snake was 24 feet (7.3 meters) long when she was measured on 30 September 2009. Unfortunately, Fluffy died one year later, on October 26th, 2010, and she still measured 24 feet.

Her death made room for Medusa to take over as the current record holder: 25 feet in length (7.67 m), and she’s still growing… Pretty spooky, isn’t it? 15 were needed to hold her… Watch the measuring process below:

3. Most motorcycles in a sphere of death

What is a sphere of death? It’s a globe in which a lot of motorcycle drivers have lost their lives… Now, we’re not sure why anyone would try to set a record for this, but they did, and i’s pretty awesome. 10 fearless drivers from China got on their bikes and managed to avoid hitting each-other for 20 seconds in a sphere of death in order to set this record. Have a look below at the video, did you hold your breath like we did?

4. Longest wave Surfed By a Dog

You’re probably wondering what a dog’s doing on a surf board… Well, so are we. Introducing Abbie Girl, a female kelpie who, as of 18 October 2011, holds the record for the longest wave surfed by a dog (open water) after surfing a 107.2-m-long (351-ft 8-in) wave at Ocean Beach in San Diego, California, USA. (Can you see the fear in her eyes?). Abbie Girl set this amazing record at the Surf City Surf Dog event, overtaking 20 other paw-ticipants.

Abbie has also accompanied her owner on a skydiving adventure, so… we can say that surfing is just a breeze for this courageous pup.

5. Farthest backflip off a wall (parkour)

Meet Chase Armitage, a teenager from Great Britain who has a special passion for parkour… And given his passion, he took a bold decision in 2009, and set out to make a record for the farthest backflipped. He managed to jump off the wall at a distance of 3.04 metres (9 ft 11 in)setting the record at Pinewood Studios, UK, on 25 March 2009. But wait, there’s more… one year later, Chase set his mind to break his own record on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi – Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China and he actually made it! On 24 May 2010 he broke his old record and set a new one with a distance of 3.48 metres (11 ft 5 in). See his performance below:

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