Largest Jellyfish in the World

Biggest  Jellyfish on Earth caught on camera – and take a look at these 4 amazingly largest jellies

Read about the latest news about this enormous jellyfish from Cornwall

1. Cornwall’s Giant Jellyfish

The people from Britain spotted the other days, a huge barrel jellyfish swimming nonchalantly in a Cornish estuary.

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust officer was swimming with his dog when he caught on video the amazing creature.

huge jellyfish cornwall

The beautiful and graceful jellyfish had 1 meter in diameter and probably weighed around 20 kilos.

These beings appear in the waters when the temperature raise. The good thing is they are harmless. Their sting is too weak to penetrate human skin.

jelly fish biggest

The big barrel jellies feed on plankton that is caught by their tentacles.

Below you can watch the full video of the swimming giant jellyfish:

2. Big jellyfish washed up on shores in Australia

An incredibly big exemplar of a well-known jellyfish species was found on the shores in Australia by a family.

Although the species has been spotted before, this jelly was the biggest of her kind. It measures about 1.5 meters.

giant jellyfish in australia a new species

The researchers believe the creature belongs to Cyanea group along with Lion’s Mane, another big jellyfish.

cyanea lamarcki ml21 600x400

3. Gigantic barrel jellyfish from Mounts Bay

Another huge jellyfish that was peacefully swimming in Britain’s seas is the next beauty.

Ross Williams filmed the graceful creature swimming along with his boat in the Cornish waters.

enormous jellyfish

Other jellyfish of her kind were found washed up ashore by the locals.

Below you can watch the video of this amazing creature:

4. Amazing alien lookalike jellyfish washed ashore in Portland

The wildlife photographer Steve Trewhella was doing his job, when he spotted an impressive jellyfish washed up ashore.

The animal had 3ft and 2 inches in diameter. But the translucent skin makes her look like an alien.

alien jellyfish

Since the temperature will keep increasing, we expect to see more of these amazing creatures all around the world.

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