Huge Genetically Modified Bulls

Belgian Blue – Huge Genetically Modified Bulls

Due to genetic selection and experiments, the Belgian Blue is a humongous species of bulls packed with muscles and meat… How big are they? Have a look below.

Belgian Blue huge bulls 1

The cause of these animals getting so big is small, yet very big genetic defect of a faulty myostatin gene, which is responsible for the gigantic size and double muscling.

Belgian Blue huge bulls 2

This amazing super species of cattle is known to have more than 40% additional muscle mass. They gain weightamazingly fast, and produce high protein milk for their calf.

Belgian Blue huge bulls 3

What is hidden from the general public, is the fact that these genetically altered bulls may be good for our benefit, BUT, for them, their uninhibited muscle growth presents a lot of health hazards for them. Calves can develop enlarged tongues and stiff legs which make it difficult for them to eat and move, leading to death.

Belgian Blue huge bulls 4

See more pictures of these poor animals bred for oour own selfish purposes below.

Belgian Blue huge bulls 5

Belgian Blue huge bulls 6

Belgian Blue huge bulls 7

Below you can watch a video of this super-cattle species:

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    1. Henry says:

      Talk about brain dead people,always trying to play creator again.Dosen’t anyone think of the poor animal and all it’s medical problems and just plain discomfort.What sick torcherous Bastards,put an animal throu such horific torcher.People like this should be taken out and shot like the animals they are!!!!!Sickeens me to think that they are fellow humans,very,very sad!!!!

    2. Lifting for Thor says:

      Fuck off hippy, them bulls are making all kiiiiiiinds of gains. Then we eat them, lift and make gains ourselves.

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