How to Cure a Hangover? The Scientific Hangover Cure!

Cure A Hangover – Scientifically proved solutions!

Experiencing a hangover cause you had a little to much alcohol last night? Don’t worry, we have the scientific cure for it! Surely, you know from different sources a trick or two to help you through the harsh times of a hangover, but if you follow our tips and solutions, you will most definitely have less problems with recovering after a night out with your friends. So… Let’s see what the wonder cure is about.

First of all, what you need to know is that the best cure for a hangover iiiisss (drum-rolls please…) ABSTINENCE! Yes, we had to say it, we do not encourage alcohol consumption, but hey, we’ve all been there and we need to know how to get back on our feet and fast, cause a night out on the town, doesn’t necessarily mean you also have to lose the following day due to feeling bad and having a hangover… so, that being said, don’t over exaggerate when you drink, but if you do, follow these simple steps and get yourself back on your own two feet.

What causes a hangover?

After you’ve had a lovely night with your friends or that special someone, and you’re finally in your bed resting, thinking it couldn’t get any worse… bang, it hits ya! The hangover who was lurking in the dark, just waiting for you to slip up!

Unfortunately, your first reaction is going to be: “I am never gonna drink again!” Well, we applaud that decision, but you and I both know that you’re just not gonna drink till the next time… so let’s set that aside and see what causes your hangover.

As you might know, everything you eat or drink ends up in your stomach… and eventually, they end up as nutrients in the liver. Have a look at the and have a better understanding of why the liver can not process all of the alcohol we give it, and we end up feeling nauseous and bad:

That being said, what can we do to prevent hangovers?

1. Before you start drinking: Eat Fatty Foods and Carbs

Now, we know you’re gonna say this ain’t for you, especially if you’re on a diet or watching your weight, BUT… they do help! Science says so! Fatty foods slow down the absorption of alcohol, and they also serve a a protector for your tummy, cause they lessen stomach irritation.

Wondering what those carbs are for? Well, they help prevent nausea and they keep your blood sugar up so you can party without vomiting!

2. Drink Lots Of Water!

It may sound simple, but remember, water is your best friend in preventing and treating a hangover. Drink lots of it, and after you drank lots of water, drink some more! Alcohol is a diuretic, that means it takes out your reserves of fluids and makes you pee more. All of the water you lose needs to be replaced and fast, if you don’t your other organs will “steal” water from your brain, causing it to literally shrink… hence the headaches 🙁

And while we’re on the fluids issue:

3. Chose And Drink Lighter-Colored Beverages

Bourbon, whiskey, red wine and their dark-colored alcoholic friends contain a higher concentration of congeners, which are extra toxi chemicals which your liver can not handle.

4. Beer Before Liquor… Never Been Sicker!

Combining beer with other drinks increases the rate of absorption of alcohol, hence, you’re gonna have a worse hangover! While we’re here, don’t forget to drink some more water! You want to pee more than to have a killer headache the day after.

5. Take an Aspirin Before Bed

Aspirin inhibits the release of prostaglandines, which are an important contributor to hangovers. BE AWARE! Do not under any circumstance take Tylenol! It is very harsh on your liver, and while combined with alcohol, it might severely damage your liver.

6. Special HAngover Breakfast

– Eggs contain Cysteine, an aminoacid that helps break down alcohol in the liver.
– Bananas are a source of potassium
– Fruit juice contains vitamins and fructose
They all give you energy and increase he rate of toxins excretion.

That being said, have a look at a very instructive and useful about curing hangovers:

Wondering why alcohol makes you pee so much? Have a look below, it’s all explained:

Hope you enjoyed the tips, make sure you drink lots of water and follow these simple steps, and your next hangover is not gonna be so bad 😉

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