Helicopter Rescues P-51 Mustang model airplane From Tree

Helicopter Rescues P-51 Mustang model airplane From Tree

Flying a helicopter is cool! Flying a helicopter and retrieving a model airplane that’s stuck on top of a tree is even cooler! A flight instructor took the time to rescue a family’s P-51 Mustang model airplane from a really tall tree. Check out the video right here.


This is really an amazing video and after watching it, you too will be able to say: faith in humanity restored!
Two men who were flying a Robinson R22 helicopter managed to nail an amazingly dangerous rescue of a P-51 Mustang remote control model plane that accidentally got stuck at the very top of a tall tree.


The whole rescue operation was caught on video from a cockpit mounted camera. Have a look at th amazing rescue in the . Isn’t that pilot just an awesome human being?

Written with love and coolness by on November 3, 2012 in Cool Stuff
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