Frozen Alien Found In Russia

Frozen Alien Found In Russia

What would you say if you went out for a walk and discovered the body of an alien laying on the ground lifeless? That might just give you quite a scare. Well this amazing event happened to two Russians who accidentally discovered a frozen alien in the snow, in an area which is known for frequent reports of UFO sightings. The body was found on a frozen  field in Irkutsk, somewhere near Siberia.

The video they made shows that the body of the alien is severely damaged and it’s missing some important parts of its right leg.

This alien resembles ET, the lil’ alien we all know and love except it has a few slight differences: it’s 2 feet hight, it has really deep holes in its skull where the mouth and eyes should be. There’s a video that shows just how the alien was found and we’ve got it. Take a look below and see this stunning frozen alien.

Written with love and coolness by on May 3, 2011 in Weird Stuff
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