Extraordinary Cases Of People Who Survived Deadly Fires

Terri suffered such bad burns that when the firefighters found her, they thought it was just a burnt plastic doll, or anything else, except a live baby. The child’s ears, nose, lips, hands and many more parts of her body were severely burned, beyond recuperation. Her mother lived with the guilt for more than 20 years and has recently declared that:

No one can make me feel worse than I already do. I regret it and relive it every second of my life. She suffered all this, all because of me.

To that, Julie, Terri’s mom declared that her daughter replied:

She texted me the other night saying that I have got nothing to feel sorry about, that it wasn’t my fault and I’ll always be her mum.

Back in the day when the fire started, Julie had separated from Terri’s dad, Paul Calvesbert, nearly two months before the 1998 fire. Julie was taking care of her daughter at her dad’s place, but the baby just wouldn’t fall asleep, which was very weird, because Terri was a great sleeper. Some might say that she knew what was about to happen…

Terri Calvesbert 3

The child was rushed to the hospital, with 90% of her body covered in burns. After intensive care, numerous surgeries which required that her dad quit his job and care for her, while her mom left them. Terri was reunited with her mother after 8 years, and the two now have a normal mother daughter relationship.

After numerous plastic surgeries and skin grafts, Terri now looks a lot better than she did as a child. See some pictures below:

Terri Calvesbert 5

Terri Calvesbert 1

And here is a video of Terri when she was a child:

3. Dallas Wiens Man with New Face After A Terrible Fire

burn victim 2

Dallas Wiens is the first man to ever receive a full face transplant. He lost all of his face after an electrical burn at work. He was working on a construction site, and one day, he accidentally touched the electrical wires and the burns were so extensive, that he shouldn’t be alive today. But he survived, with the cost of his face. The burns were so bad that his face disappeared. Luckily, the doctors were able to give him a full face transplant, and he can now feel the kisses of his daughter once again

Watch his story in the video below:

And here’s Dallas after the face transplant:

And below, watch some more pictures of burn victims. Viewer discretion is advised:

palestinian boy burned

burn victim 1

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