Dudley Dorito UFO Caught On Video In England

Another Dudley Dorito UFO Spotted In York, England

What’s a Dudley Dorito? Well, it’s no longer just a type of chips, it’s now a UFO type which is more and more frequent these days. Amazing sightings of these triangular space crafts are being reported often, and they have even been caught on video on several occasions.
The most recent sighting was in Yorkshire, England and someone finally managed to film the strange flying object. The area has been visited by such UFOs beginning with 2007, and scientists have no explanation for it.

The UFO has a triangular shape and it was dubbed Dudley Dorito after its first sighting in West Midlands back in 2007. Another notable sighting was in 2010, when one of the locals, David Allen, of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands also saw this bizarre flying object and described it as being five times bigger than a normal plane.

The Ministry of Defence announced that all of the sightings were actually fake, and despite seeming very real to those who spotted it, it was nothing more than a “supernormal atmospheric plasma phenomenon” (sounds like a cover-up to me, and I’m no conspiracy theorist…). Luckily, modern technology is here to prove the snobby authorities that the sightings were far from any plasma activity, but real life unidentified flying objects scouting the area.

The most recent appearance of this strange UFO was on March 26th, in England. An amateur cameraman managed to capture the Dudley Dorito on video, in the best weather conditions ever: clear skies, a leaf-free forest and a high quality filming device.

It is highly likely that the Military is just testing new secret stealth aircraft, and they’re trying to keep everything hush-hush. But what if his isn’t a military device, what if instead of super technology being tested by the army, this is a real UFO which has grown fond of the West Midlands area? Have a look at the , and judge for yourself.

Other Dudley Dorito UFO sightings?

The Dudley Dorito UFO sightings started back in 2007, in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom. Now it’s no longer a surprise that we’re constantly being visited by fling saucers, but things begin to get weird when we hear about flying crisps in the sky… The odd alien spaceship has a triangular shape and it has some odd lights which flash during the night.

In 2007, two witnesses from different locations declared spotting the weird object, on Wednesday 28 November 2007 and watched it moving Stourbridge. They reported the sightings to UFORM, a local UFO research group.


On the 8th of January 2008 at 9pm, two small girls (ages seven and nine) saw a triangle shaped object fly over Dudley Castle. They were troubled by what they had seen and ran to grandmother who made them draw what they had seen. They both drew an isosceles triangle, one of the girls drew 3 lights on her UFO, while the other added four lights.

More sightings were reported in 2010, and someone even managed to take pictures, you can watch them below:

What do you think? Is the Dudley Dorito UFO an alien spacecraft or is it one of our military secret weapons in testing?

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