Corpse of Weird Creature Washes Up On Seal Beach

Mysterious Montauk Monster Found Dead on Seal Beach And Other Weird Creature Sightings in 2012

Did you think that you’ve heard your share of news about Montauk monsters? Well think again cause a new corpse from a weird creature washed up on shore on Seal Beach and it looks extremely gruesome.
This unidentified creature was found dead on the beach and at a first glance, it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and so do the other strange creatures sighted in 2012.

The animal had sharp, enormous teeth, but it was hairless and had no eyes. The animal was found by Karen Summers who was out on the beach enjoying her daily walk. The woman was shocked to see this beastly animal and immediately called the authorities.

What’s also weird is the fact that the corpse on Seal Beach looks strikingly similar to the strange Montauk Monster that washed up on the beach near Montauk, New York in July 2008. The creature found then was also hairless and bared quite a resemblance with the animal now in question. Back then, by the size of its fangs and dental imprints, scientists concluded that it might have been a raccoon, but the size of the corpse was considerably bigger.
Well, in this case, the remains of the mysterious monster of Seal Beach are even bigger than those of the Montauk Monster. Have a look at the pictures below and compare:

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Before you start looking for an explanation in regards with these two strange and bizarre creatures, wait and see the Chupacabra and Montauk Monster Mix which was named the San Diego Demonoid.

Other Monsters washed ashore in 2012:

Strange sea creature on Carolina coast ID:

This corpse of a large and scaly creature washed up on Folly Beach, South Carolina. Scientists didn’t identify the animal, but presume it may be a large sturgeon. Check other weird animals washed on the beaches

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