Coolest Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

11. Robot Halloween Costume

The Halloween Robot Costume is easy to make if you have some boxes you no longer need. Just type them together and draw some cool machinery things such as panels and buttons. 



12. Mummy Halloween Costume

For the mummy costume, you need toilet paper and tape. Dress in white clothes or of light color, and wrap the paper all over your body. Tape it and don’t forget to let some pieces more loosen. 

You’re all set. 



13. Error 404 Halloween Costume

This one is, by far, the laziest costume ever. All you need is a shirt and a marker. Write on the shirt stuff like “Error 404: Costume not found”. 



14. Pineapple Halloween Costume

With some green paper and a yellow/orange dress or shirt, you can make a cool pineapple costume for Halloween. 

Cut the paper in leaves shape and put them on your head. 



15. Cactus Halloween Costume

If you want to dress as a Cactus, you will need green pants and shirt and many white threads to attach on it. 



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