Coolest Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

6. Grapes Halloween Costume

This should be quite fun. The things you need in order to make an easy grapes Halloween costume are balloons and some thread. Just inflate lost of green or purple balloons and tie them together.



7. Jelly Bean Bag Halloween Costume

The next idea used too balloons. You need balloons and a big see-through trash-bag. Cat some holes in the bag for the legs and arms. Inflate the balloons, but not too much, and place them in the bag. 

The costume should look like in the following photos.




8. Ghost Halloween Costume

The most traditional Halloween costume is the ghost costume. You need long white old bed sheets with 2 holes cut in it. 



9. Facebook Halloween Costume

If you’re a Facebook addict, you can also take your profile with you, literally. Use a piece of paper and cardboard. Cut a square where the profile photo is supposed to be, and write and draw exactly as you would like it to be. 

An easier and even cheaper idea is to write the word “Book” on your face. 


The Office - Season 6

10. Daft-Punk Halloween Costume

If you have a motorcycle or bicycle helmet and a black suit or black clothes, you can consider yourself ready for Halloween. These items are enough to turn yourself into one of the two members of the electro-dance group, Daft-Punk. 



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