Celebs And Their Siblings

6. Lizzy Pattinson & Victoria Pattinson

Victoria Lizzie Pattinson

Oh gee! Just feast your eyes on these two beauties… and as you could’ve clearly old by their last names, they are the Twilight star, Robert Pattison’s sisters.

Lizzy Pattinson

Lizzy Pattison is also talented, she sings beautifully.

Robert Pattinson and sisters

7. Lisa Roberts Gillian

Lisa Roberts Gillian

You may know Lisa Roberts Gillian from several movies, did you ever stop and think a bit about the fact that her last name is Roberts? As in the Pretty Woman herself, Julia Roberts? Well, if you did ponder that, and didn’t know the answer, Lisa is indeed Julia’s sister.

julia roberts and sister

In fact, the Roberts family has 3 actors… Does Eric Roberts ring any bells? He does bare a striking resemblance to Julia… But wait, there’s more, The three siblings have another sister named Nancy Motes

julia roberts and her brother erick and sister lisa

8. Adelia Zeidler

Adelia Zeidler

Now, this charming lady will probably get you thinking… hmm, this is an article about siblings, so who is this and who’s her sibling? Well, meet Adelia Zeidler, none other than George’s Cloony’s sister.

george clooney and sister

george clooney and sister2

9. Claudine Farrell

claudine farrell

We know what you’re thinking, the name is a spoiler… and you are totally right, this is indeed the charming Claudine, Colin Farrell’s sister.

colin farrels sister

10. Jonathan Firth

colin firths brother

This is more than obvious, meet Jonathan Firth, Colin Firth’s brother, who is just as dashing as his brother, and who is also an actor.

11. Michael Kutcher

ashton kutchers broher1

This is Michael Kutcher, Ashthon’s twin brother. Michael lives in Iowa with his 8 year old son, and wife. Ashton’s brother was diagnosed with brain paralysis at a tender age, and also, he had a heart transplant when he was 13. His brother stood by him through everything. Way to go Ashton!

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