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Titanus Giganteus 6

World’s Biggest Beetle – Titanus Giganteus

Biggest Beetle In the World – Titanus Giganteus

Titanus Giganteus is the world’s biggest beetle, and one of the biggest bugs in the world, having been known to grow up to seven inches long. Its jaws mighty jaws can snap a pencil in half. Also, these powerful jaws are used to tear the flesh off the attackers, but rest assure, the world’s biggest beetle is a peaceful little creature, that only attacks when in danger. Find out more interesting facts about it with us.

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Largest Hips In The World

Woman Sets Record For Largest Hips In The World

Meet Mikel Ruffinelli, the person with the largest hips in the world according to the World Record Academy. The woman weighs 420 pounds, she stands 4 feet and 5 inches tall, and last, but not least, her hips measure eight feet (100 inches) circumference! See how she deals with everyday chores and how she feels about her hips right here.

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Biggest Python 17-foot Found in Florida Everglades

Biggest Python Snake in the World: 17-foot long found in Florida Everglades, which is the largest snake found in 2012

The biggest python in the world is 17 foot long and was ready to lay 87 eggs. It was discovered in the Florida Everglades and if you are afraid of snakes, this discovery will make your Ophidiophobia even worse…
The largest snake of the python species is 17 foot and 7-inches long, is weighs 164 pounds and carried 87 eggs in its oviducts, that being a new state record! What happened to the monster? Let’s find out together.

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Biggest Fishes Ever Caught

The World’s Biggest and largest Fishes Ever Caught and recorded – 8 biggest fish captures and 1 new story about a catfish caught in Milan

Take a look at these amazing creatures

Monster fishes? See the biggest and largest fishes ever caught… The depths of the water hide many secrets and large fish are just one of them. We are all familiar with the old fishing tales people come back with from a fishing trip, but the pictures and videos we have are proof that some people actually did catch some pretty big fish. Let’s see how huge the world’s biggest fishes really are. We have eels, cat-fish, sharks and many more.

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Attacus Atlas 1

The Largest Moth In The World – Attacus Atlas

Attacus Atlas: Biggest Moth In The World: 10 inches Wwingspan

Do you usually get creeped out by moths you see during the night? Well get a load of the world’s largest moth! A species called: Attacus atlas which has an amazing wingspan of over 25 centimeters!

The females of this amazing species are usually heavier and bigger than the males. In Hong Kong, this gigantic moth is also known as “snake’s head moth”… why you ask?
Because of its upper wing which has an extension shaped as a snake’s head.

This amazing insect only survives for one to two weeks due to the fact that it doesn’t have a fully developed mouth, to enable it to feed itself, hence, it uses up all of the fat accumulated as a larvae, and then dies of starvation. Luckily, in the short time that the biggest moth in the world lives, it manages to mate, lay eggs and assure the survival of its species.

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Field Marshall The Largest Bull In The World

Field Marshall The Largest Bull In The World

Meet Field Marshall… he’s 6ft 5ins tall and he’s still growing, that interesting aspect makes this lovely bull, the largest in his species. The colossal bull was declared the biggest bull bullock in Great Britain, after he was measured and weighed on a scale which is normally used for lorries. The six-year-old animal now weighs more than 3,500lbs, twice as much as any normal fully-grown cow of his breed. Field Marshall is now heavier than a Mini Cooper which weighs 2,458lbs, and a BMW 3 series which tips the scales at just 3,053lbs.

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