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Lernstift Smartpen 8

Lernstift – The Pen That Checks Spelling as You Write

Lernstift – The Pen That Checks Spelling And Vibrates when You Write a Wrong Word

Lernstift is the world’s coolest pen, which vibrates when you spell badly. This first smartpen is basically our very own spell-check in real life. Computers have saved many of us from spelling errors, so, try to imagine life with a pen that lets you know when your spelling is bad, by vibrating in your hand. How is this possible? Find out, right here.

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Turkish Aquarium Fence 5

Stunning Aquarium Fence in Turkey

Stunning 50m Aquarium Fence in Turkey

Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu decided to build the coolest aquarium for his pet fish in his luxurious villa in Turkey. He went overboard and built the famous aquarium out in the open, in the form of a 50 meter long fence, surrounding his home. How many fishes are in the stunning aquarium? How much did it cost? The answers to those questions and many more, right here.

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Cigarette Pack

Cool Idea – Talking Cigarette Packs

Cigarette Packs That Talk: Cool Idea To Stop Smoking

Would you quit smoking if your cigarette pack was talking to you? Someone seems to think so, cause they came up with a cool idea to stop smoking, or reduce it, with the aid of talking cigarette packs. How do they work? When can we buy them? Is this just a cool idea, or is it realistic? Find out all the answers, right here.

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Exosuit 1

Real Life Super-Power Robotic Exosuit

The Coolest Exosuit Yet! It Gives You Real Super Powers, and It’s Very Easy

The lightest exosuit has been invented, and it will give you super powers to lift very heavy objects, and many more. This soft robotic exoskeleton can be put on like a pair of pants and it only weighs 7.5 kilograms. Interested to find out more about the coolest real-life superman suit? Have a look right here.

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RoboApe 5
Self Freezing Soda 1