Can You Spot the Mysterious Face in This Picture?

Can You Spot the Mysterious Face in This Picture?

The picture is indeed fantastic, and when you discover the mysterious face, you may think that the photo is photoshopped, but it’s NOT! The spooky and creepy face is all natural. can you find it?

So this is the troublesome pic. do you see it now? If you can’t quite spot the mysterious face yet, we come to your aid and we’ve circled the creepy appearance. simply check it out below.

So what is so weird about a cloud formation in the shape of a face? The scariest thing is that it bares a striking resemblance with the Prometheus face… are you spooked out yet? Have a look below to remember how the legendary face looks.

Written with love and coolness by on October 4, 2012 in Cool Stuff
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