Bizzare Fish Rain and other Animal Rainfalls

The weird recent fish rainfall from Sri Lanka – and other 3 incredible stories of animals literally falling from the sky!

We are all accustomed with the lovely spring or autumn rains, or the strong storms. What if one day, you leave the house and notice that instead of normal rain formed by water you witness a real fish rain?!

The inhabitants of the Sri Lanka isle experienced recently an uncommon rain. They saw fish falling from the sky, literally.
There have been recorded odd rains during the years, but it’s the first time people witness this phenomenon at this scale.


The most important fact is that the small fish was still alive when people found it in the grass, streets or their yards.

After a few researches, people came to the conclusion that it rained with about 50 kg of fish.


The phenomenon is not unknown as along the history there had been reported several cases when people witnessed rains of animals.

The explanation is that the winds or tornadoes have strong sucking power and they can lift small animals into the cloud base. When the clouds become heavy, the animals are released along with the water and fell in the form of rain. Usually small and aquatic animals like fish and frogs are implied in this process.

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Below you can watch the video about the amazing fish rain from Sri Lanka:

Now, let’s read about other amazing stories with animals falling from the sky.

1. Birds rain

It might sound strange that it could rain with birds, but it happened in January 2011, in the North of Italy.

People were scared of what they first believed to be a sign of the beginning of the end. However it seemed that the little birds were either poisoned or have flied into a region without oxygen.


2. Spider rain

This might be one of the most terrifying rainfalls of them all. How would it feel to go out and suddenly, many spiders to fall over your head and shoulder and start crawling on you? That is not a very pleasant image.

This episode happened in Australia and it sounds like an apocalyptic pre-event.


3. Seafood rainfall

Another unusual rainfall happened in 1957, in Magnolia Terminal near Thomasville. It rained with fish, frogs and crayfish.

People hurried to save the alive animals by taking them to the nearest lake. Most of frogs and crayfish didn’t survive.


Below you can watch a video about the rainfalls of animals:

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