Bizarre Addiction: The Woman Who Eats Couches

Bizarre Addiction: The Woman Who Eats Couches

She’s young, she has 5 children and she she seems pretty normal at a first glance, but that is, of course, only until she gets hungry… cause when she’s feeling a bit peckish she heads out to the nearest sofa and grabs a bite… and no, we’re not talking sandwiches, I mean Adele Edwards literally starts to eat the couch due to her extremely weird addiction: she just loves to eat the foam within sofas… that’s just odd to say the least.

When we look at a sofa, we probably think of it as a place to hang out, drink a few bears, take a short nap, or just sit back and enjoy its comfort. Well that’s certainly not the case for Adele Edwards, her view of a sofa is kinda like the funny picture below:

She first found out about this bizarre custom when she was only a ten-year-old little  girl. Since then, she confesses she ate no less than 7 sofas…. now that’s just amazing! Unfortunately, there’s nothing the doctors can do about her condition, which, by the way, is called: Pica, a medical disorder that urges the patient to eat the strangest things from sand to coal to paper or pencils or even spoons, pretty much anything… I don’t know about you, but I have a strange taste in my mouth… Check out the and se her at action.

Written with love and coolness by on April 29, 2011 in Weird Stuff
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