Biggest Sculptures in the World Made Of Balloons

Amazing objects built using inflated balloons – check out 5 amazing balloons sculptures 

Let’s dig into the first story about the biggest Optimus Prime robot made out of balloons

1. Poptimus Prime

John Reid from the company Epic Balloons led the project called Poptimus Prime. This project desired to build out of balloons a real-life-size robot that would resemble Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is one of the auto-bots that can be seen in the sci-fi movie Transformers.


The robots from the movie are made of metal and complex electronic systems. This giant robot is made of inoffensive air balloons.

The project was designed for the recent Salt Lake City Comic Con. However, fans immediately took photos of it and published them on the internet. Shortly the story went viral and everyone was excited to see the amazing robot made of balloons.


The sculpture is 50 ft. tall and the team used about 4302 balloons to recreate the actual shape of the auto-bot.

The artist needed 42 hours to complete the entire work of art. For now, the balloon sculpture is a record.

Check out below the video about this amazing creation:

2. Giant balloons flowers

Another balloon addict is Jason Hackenwerth. He made a studio and a business that designs and build giant sculptures made of balloons. You would be amazed of how many details and tricks you need to know in order to create something amazing out of inflated balloons.


Jason is an artist and the sculptures he is making are a true work of art to be exposed in art museums. He enjoys playing with the colors and shapes of the balloons and build unusual flowers.


Below you can watch more about the artist and his amazing work with the balloons:

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