The Oldest Living Things

The Incredible Plants and Trees that Withstand the Time – check out these amazing oldest living beings that are even older than the history.

First, let’s read about the oldest plants that still populate the Earth:

1. The Posidonia Oceania Sea Grass – 100 000 years

The Posidonia Oceania Sea Grass, AKA Mediterranean tapeweed or Neptune Grass, is an aquatic grass endemic that grows in the Mediterranean sea. The Posidonia grass grows in the coastal area that are in sheltered areas. It’s a plant that helps a lot the ecosystem because its roots are stabilizing the seabed. It’s also a well known protective environment for sea creatures. Continue reading

The Amazing Car That is Fueled with Air

The Cool Environmental-Friendly Car That Runs On Air – read about this great invention and about two other awesome cars that work with air as their fuel.

Let’s dig into the case of the incredible new car that uses air to move:

It might sound incredible, but the company that will produce this amazing model is none other than the French company PSA Peugeot Citroën. You heard that right. The car that will run on air is already in test programs and set to be sent to industrial production quite soon. The engineer to designed this hybrid model is Andrés Yarce.

Continue reading

The Most Intelligent Toddlers In the World

Smartest Toddlers of the World – read about the incredibly intelligent 3 years old girl (the most intelligent youngest girl in the world) and other two super intelligent toddlers

Read below about the amazingly smart girl:

Alexis Martin is only 3 years old and lives in Queen Creek, Arizona. At first glance, she looks like a normal girl of her age. In fact, she is one of the smartest toddlers in the world.  Continue reading

Awesome Constructors: Robots That Build Autonomously

The Amazing Robot Crew That Build Without Human Intervention – check out the adorable tiny robots that build by themselves and another interesting case of self-replicating robots.

First, we will take a look at the constructor robot crew:

Finally, we can take a look at a great invention of the latest century – the constructor robots. A group of researchers from Wyss Institute from Harvard University managed to build small robots that mimic the behavior of a termites colony.

Continue reading

Awesome Tight-rope Walking Above the Clouds

Crazy Experience of Walking Above the Clouds between two Hot Air Balloons – read about the breathe-taking experience of walking on a rope in clouds and other extreme sport. 

Let’s read about the amazing sport of walking on the rope above the clouds:

The idea of doing such a crazy sport belongs to the documentarian Sebastien Montaz-Rosset. He and a group of amazingly brave men attempted to do the first experience of this kind.  Continue reading

The Peculiar Case of the Yemeni Girl who is Crying Stones

The Interesting Case of the Girl who is crying with stone tears – Read about the astonishing case of the girl who cries with pebbles and another similar case

Let’s dig into the bizarre story of the girl crying rocks:

The mysterious phenomenon has amazed all medical field in Yemen. The doctors claim that they never seen such a strange medical problem. 

Saadyia Saleh is 12 years old and is from Yemen. She looks like any ordinary girl of her age, but her problem is way out of the ordinary.  Continue reading

The Bizarre Case of the Real “Ghost” Baby

The Weird Baby Born Without Blood in their Body – Read about the odd case of a baby born without blood and other two strange cases of babies born without bones or skin.

Let’s take a look at the incredible case of the “real ghost” baby:

The case of the “ghost” baby remembers us about the strange bloodless creatures from the movies, the vampires. However, there is no reason to panic because there are no such things. 

The “ghost” baby is a rare illness, and its name is fetal-maternal hemorrhage. This condition consists in the fact that the blood cells of the fetal are lost in the maternal circulations. They usually occur in normal pregnancies on a low rate, but also in cases of obstetric or trauma complications related to pregnancy.  Continue reading

The Cool Electronic Tongue That Can Identify Beer

The Cool Robotic Tongue That Can Tell you The Brand of Beer 

Presenting 3 electronic devices that can actually taste, and they will amaze you by their abilities of analyzing taste and flavor. 

First, let’s take a look at this cool tongue that will amaze you:

A group of researchers from Spain managed to build the first robotic tongue that can taste the beer. The news appears in the journal “Food Chemistry“, a magazine dedicated to scientific researches in the food domain. The researchers are from the Autonomous University from Barcelona, and the leader of the project is Manel del ValleContinue reading

The Amazing Unborn Baby 3D-Printed Model

You will be Stunned how Realistic these 3D Models of Fetus are. Read about the printer of full-size unborn child and other example of 3D Printer for body part.

First, let’s take a look at the fascinating unborn baby 3D printer:

It is very exciting to be an expecting parent, but what if you find out that you can hold your baby in your arms before they are even born? The 3-D Babies company offers you this amazing (or creepy) opportunity of having the real size model of your baby before you even give it birth.  Continue reading

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