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World’s Biggest Shark Ever Captured: 40-Feet Long

World’s Biggest Shark Ever Captured: 40-Feet Long in Karachi Pakistan.We also made a top of the world’s biggest sharks ever discovered.

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We’ve all heard our share of fish tales, but a few lucky fishermen in Karachi Fish Harbour can now take pride with the fact that the captured the biggest shark in the world! The gigantic was captured on February 7th, 2012, it was 40 feet long and it belongs to a special species of sharks called wale sharks.
Now in all fairness, the fishermen weren’t really all that skilled in fishing to be able to make such a capture, but it’s still one that’s gonna be remembered for a long time. The shark died of unknown causes and it washed ashore, where it gave local Pakistani authorities quite a struggle when it came to getting it out of the water. The giant whale shark was so heavy that it had to be lifted out of the water with the aid of two cranes.

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Indian Woman Gave Birth To 11 Kids At Once: True Or False?

Indian Woman Gave Birth To 11 Kids At Once: True Or False?

Indian Woman Gave birthto 11 children 1

Rumor has it that somewhere inIndia, inSuratto be more specific, a supermom gave birth to eleven babies all at once! Yes, you read that right, eleven babies! Could that be true or is it just an urban myth sustained by some really good photoshop work? Well, while the picture shown speaks for itself, ( and we ALL know how pictures can be misleading) anonymous sources indicate that the 11 sweet little bundles of joy photographed above are actually the 11 babies which were born on the unique day of November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11).

Now, there is a little bit of truth in the picture of the eleven kids. Six of them were indeed twins born to the same mother. But the remaining five are just lucky babies who came to this world on a unique day. But wait just a minute! It appears that calls were indeed made to the Guiness Book of World Records to acknowledge the amazing record  and they declared that “unofficial sources” are willing to produce even more evidence of the amazing birth of 11 babies to the same mom.

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Most Bizarre Inventions Ever!

A Collection of Some of the most bizzare, strangest, Yet Useful Inventions

Most Bizarre inventions 2012

Have a look at some of the most bizarre inventions created. Some are useful, others are just plain weird, so let’s see together just how strange some inventions can really be.
We have a lamp that runs on blood, a creepy crawly spider robot, Metal Detecting Sandals and many more, so let’s have a look together.

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Fattest Kids In the World

World’s fattest Kids

fat kid

Check out the stories of some of the fattest children in the world. In this day and age, the community is getting fatter and fatter by the day, and we even see morbid obesity in children. Some kids got so overweight that they weigh more than a normal adult. Let’s find out together just how big some of the world’s fattest kids are.

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UFO Dives Inside a Mexican Volcano

UFO Goes Into an Erupting Mexican Volcano

UFO goes in volcano 2

UFOs are always strange, but when an unidentified flying object goes inside an erupting volcano, it causes a lot of amazement amongst UFO enthusiasts and not just them. The bizarre incident was caught on camera over Cerro Altzomoni in Mexico and it’s strange to say the least. A cigarette-shaped UFO is seen diving into the Popocatepetl Volcano, 40 miles south of Mexico City. Find out more information about the huge, volcano-diving UFO right here.

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Man With 2 Faces – Edward Mordake

Two-faced man Edward Mordake

two faced man Edward Mordake 1

We all used the expression two-faced man about one of our acquaintances, but Edward Mordake literally has two faces: one in the front of his head, like you and I, and another face in the back… a human looking face with it’s own expressions. Alas, it could not speak nor eat, but it laughed… Check out the full story behind this amazing case of the man with two faces.

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