9 Animals Going Crazy on Feeding Time – Feeding Frenzy

9 awesome cases of animals feeding frenzy, going berserk on feeding time! Pictures and videos. These animals going crazy on feeding time will make you ‘wow’, and laugh a bit? Well, yeah! A bit scary too.

We all love animals for being cute, crazy, silly and, most importantly, for acting like our best friends. Sometimes, animals act like humans, sharing great moments with us, but we don’t need to forget that an animal it’s… well, an animal. It’s ‘wild’ instincts are sometimes funny and cool, like in these cases.

For example, when we humans feel hunger, we don’t have to (anymore) hunt our food or to spend hours trying to catch something to eat (except sometimes, right?)… We get our lazy asses up the couch, open the fridge and voila, that’s it! Animals either depend on us feeding them or go for a long waited outside meal!

Normally, when there’s nothing to eat in your fridge we go a little bit crazy – sometimes -and so do the animals. Expept…in a different way. Have you ever wondered what’s going on in the animal’s mind when they are hungry or really want something ( besides barking, yelling, whimpering)?  Not really, right? Me neither. But after you’ll read this article and view them, you might get an idea!

I’m going to present you a few cases when animals are going super crazy on feeding time! You might find it funny, scary, or even ‘wow’! so, don’t be lazy, get some of your favorite food and take a few minutes to enjoy the list below!

Here you have a list with 10 cases of Animals going crazy on feeding time! Check it out!

Animals feeding frenzy



 Dogs feeding frenzy

See that, even if they are a bit crazy, as they smell or see the food, these dogs are very disciplined and obedient! I imagined what was in the dog’s mind: ‘ Oh, meat, I haven’t had meat in weeks! Yes, me first!’. Yeah, I know, I’m a weirdo!

Still… I wonder if anybody lives around that place. Would be a great alarm clock in the morning! Here you have a video about the crazy feeding time! So cool, you guys!

But you definitely don’t want to look like meat over there!



Catfish going crazy for supper – desperate feeding frenzy

In Bangkok, Thailand there is a small farm where catfish are crazy about their dinner! There are hundred of hungry fish that love a food combination consisting of pork fat, fig, and dried bananas.

Normally catfish eat aquatic food or small fish, but hey – we humans have to eat vegetables but prefer pizza – so let’s not be judgemental! I’m going to show you the video where the catfish are going wild for their meal, and you’ll surely be amused by it (or honestly, scared!)



Funny chickens on crazy feeding time

Thousands of chickens are going crazy about dinner time on a farm in China! It’s a world of hungry flying chickens as far as your eyes can see! This is super funny! I know ‘chicks’ are going nuts about delicious food (because we all want to eat and stay slim!) but this video is insane!

Check out the video! They won’t stop running down from the mountain when they hear the food-whistling!



130 cats going crazy for food – bulk feeding frenzy

Wow! This lady from Russia holds 130 cats in her home! Can you imagine feeding 130 cats at the same time, that are kept in the same room?

These cats are on a feeding frenzy, going crazy when they see food – and it’s totally understandable!

 I fight with my sister for food, and it’s just the two of us! Check out the , it’s really insane!



Fish going crazy for … fish feeding frenzy

This is super cool! I think there are hundreds of hungry fish waiting for a tasty snack! This feeding moment is like showing sweets to a bunch of kids. They go crazy too (at least I would!)

Check out this crazy fish feeding video!



Pigeons go nuts on feeding time

Pigeons can go wild too! We all go wild when it’s about food! It seems that at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris pigeons love seeds and they don’t mind fighting each other for a good snack!

Here you have the full video about the feeding frenzy!


Animals going crazy for food



Monkey goes crazy for bananas

It looks just like me when I see chocolate cookies! This is what I call a proper way to eat a banana. Though he seems to be pretty angry, it’s still crazy about its meal! When it’s about your favorite food, you don’t have time for manners… Just smash it in your face to feel the flavor!

If you take a look at the , you’ll probably think that the mandrill is a bit sick and tired of eating bananas every day (that makes sense!)  I can’t imagine eating broccoli every day… I need some hamburgers from time to time! (I mean salad…)

Here you have the whole video with the crazy monkey! Check it out!



Crazy dog eating lemon

I often hear that animals are just like humans! Have you ever eat a lemon and crooked your face? Yeah, if you get the chance to look into a mirror while you do it, go ahead because it will make your day better!

This dog here, not only that is going crazy because of eating a slice of lemon but he also enjoys it! It is really mouth-watering… check out the video! It’s going to be super funny!



Goat crazy for Doritos

This goat is super funny! Not only that she loves Doritos but she’s making such funny noises. I had a good laugh at the , so check out this crazy goat… haha!

Feeling funny? Humans know how animals eat their food!

Because I like to see you guys happy with big smiles on your faces, I’m going to end this article with a super crazy video! Those two guys in the picture made a funny video about how animals eat their food and there is no doubt for me that you’ll laugh so hard that your cheeks are going to hurt!

I’m very impatient to see your reaction to this crazy video so don’t hesitate to let us know your opinion about it! Check it out!

Guys, if you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends and have a good laugh about those super cute and silly animals on feeding frenzy that loves being fed!

There is no doubt that there are lots of you who experienced funny fed moments with your pets, so please share those moments with us!

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