Amazing Weather Phenomena Caught on Camera

3. Wide lightning hitting ground

The following story happened in Darwin, Australia. The man who filmed the beautiful lightning mentions that the lighting hit a spot at a 200-250 m distance from where he was.

You can clearly see that the lightning strike in a dry area, outside the focal zone of the storm. The lightning bolts can sometimes escape the area and strike clear zones. In the video, it can see the place where it hits and the smoke of the burned grass.

The video of this story is really incredible:

4. Lightning strikes beach

It’s standard for storms to form above sea and outbreak at the limit between ground and water. However, the following video is amazing. What it seems to be a normal day at the beach for three people, it ends into a tremendously scary event.

The lightning strikes the clear air at around 100 meters away from a man and a child. You can see in the slow-motion how the electricity is conducted by the wet sand and make contact with the water of the sea. The phenomenon is mesmerizing.

5. Incredible fire tornado

A tornado is dangerous no matter its scale. Everyone should run from the way of tornadoes. And if you believe it can’t get more dangerous and scary than that try to imagine a fire tornado?

People from San Marcos had to fight high wildfires these days. And if this wasn’t enough, a strong tornado appeared sucking the fire and spreading it everywhere around. The firefighters had to battle with the fire storm for hours.

In the following video you can see the wild tornado from San Marcos sucking the flames and multiplying them:

The amazing blaze covered more than 24 square kilometres. The fires and tornadoes destroyed two homes and did damages of thousands of dollars.

6. Amazing tornadoes from smallest to biggest

Check out the following footage of the tornadoes based on their intensity and scale. They are classified based on the damage they produce when they emerge. The F-scale goes from F-1, the smallest tornado to F-5, the most tremendous tornado.

Watch the to see the manifestation of the nature:

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