Amazing Underwater Wedding Video

Amazing Underwater Wedding

Some people will go to any lengths to see their dream fulfilled or to live their passion to the fullest and so did this couple of true diving fans. 41 year-old Alberto dal Lago and 43 year-old Karla Munguia united their destinies for ever in somewhat of an untraditional environment. Since the two share the same passion for endangered sharks and marine life, they thought it was more than appropriate to have an underwater wedding, 5 feet underwater to be more exact. And they didn’t go through it alone, they were accompanied by 200 guests and family members. Even the justice of the peace himself had to take diving lessons in order to officiate the ceremony. They were expecting 300 guests to help them break the record for the largest underwater wedding, but unfortunately only 205 people could keep this unusual appointing.

The record for the largest underwater wedding is held by an Italian couple who got married underwater in 2010 and had 261 guests exactly.

But back to our 5 feet underwater ceremony, the blushing bride wore her wedding gown over the diving equipment and the groom looked dashing in a bow tie. If you’re wondering how they said their vows at this amazing and unique event, well… the two read the vows in their minds off some huge banners and when the time came for the two to say the big I DO, they just pointed a thumbs up, exchanged wedding bans and thus they were pronounced mister and misses Alberto dal Lago.

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If their passion for endangered sharks aroused your interest, to be quite honest, it s a pretty odd passion, maybe it’s about time you found out that over 50 species are on a path to extinction out of the 200 existing species of sharks. And unfortunately, these numbers are continuously increasing due to poaching and illegal and excessive hunting.

It’s amazing how their passion for the underwater world brought them together in such a special moment, so if you’re still planning your wedding but you don’t have the chapel rented yet, be sure to know that the sea and the ocean is free and awaiting you and your guests, whether it’s for a simple skinny dipping or for a huge wedding.

Below you can watch the footage from the amazing 5 feet under water wedding.

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