Amazing Japanese Fake Cabbage: Would You Eat This?!

Check Out How Real This Amazing Japanese Fake Cabbage

Did you ever stop and think that the vegetables you’re eating are fake? Well as real as this amazing cabbage might look, it’s completely fake, and made out of chemicals, by some very inventive Japanese people.
Taking this into account, the phrase “We are what we eat” has a totally new meaning. We’re absolutely positive you wouldn’t be able to tell a real vegetable apart from this synthetic one, so if you’re curious to know if the cabbage you buy is the real deal or made out of chemicals, have a look at the video of how fake cabbage is made.

As real as this cabbage might look to you, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s actually a fake replica. And that wouldn’t be so bad, if it was just used for show and tell, but if this is actually introduced in to our diet instead of the good old fashioned vegetable that grow in the back yard, it’s a huge problem.

There are enough chemicals in the vegetables we already get from the market: growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, bug spray and the list may go on, we don’t need a cabbage which is entirely made of chemicals.

Luckily, reports say that this type of cabbage is just used for the many live shows given to guests in Japanese restaurants, by the cooks. The fake life-like cabbage is manufactured only for entertainment purposes, and chefs only use the freshest and most appropriate ingredients for cooking our meals. Nevertheless, the of how this cabbage is made, is really amazing… Have a look.

And as if the images weren’t spooky enough, have a look below at the videos at how the Japanese make this fake cabbage:

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