Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas

3. DIY Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume

rubiks cube halloween costume

It may look like a weird costume, but here’s a really simple and amazing Halloween costume, and we’ll show you how to do it yourself.

Get a medium-size moving box and a bunch of construction paper. Cut large squares of red, blue, white, green, and orange. How Rubik’s works? You have to make sure you have a certain color in the middle of each side and don’t repeat that color in the middle of another side. Cut holes for your arms, head and torso, stick the squares into place, and there you have it. It may not be too hot, but it’s uber creative!

rubiks cube halloween costume1

4. Zombies Carrying you

If you are the superstitious type, and you want to be really hidden and disguised, so that the bad spirits won’t recognize you, just strap a dummy to your back and make it look like you’re being carried by a zombie. Wanna know how that’s done? Just watch the instructions in the videos below:

If these ideas didn’t suit you… just go as a:

5. Facebook Page

facebook halloween costume

This is both a creative and cool costume. All you have to do is get a large piece of cardboard, open facebook, update status to “making my own Halloween costume, can’t wait play a Halloween prank on you while wearing it”, then use the facebook page as inspiration and start drawing and painting your costume.

Now if you’re still not satisfied, chose a pic from the ones below, and try to do-it-yourself. Good luck!

one night stand halloween costume

army guy halloween costume

predator halloween costume

half man half woman costume

funny halloween costume idea

So get to carving those pumpkins and have yourself a Happy Halloween!

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