Alien Spaceship Crashed On The Moon, NASA Has The Photos

Alien Spaceship Crashed On The Moon, NASA Has Tthe Photos

Scientists at Nasa think the may have found an alien crash site on the Moon, and they didn’t just find this out now, apparently the pictures were taken even before the first man set foot on the Moon. The Lunar Orbiter 2 mission was a photographer robot which was sent out gather information about the moon before such as landing sites and places where the astronauts could always have clear visibility and sunlight, but the Apollo Missions landed. Unfortunately, Apollo 11 almost crashed and was forced to execute a manual landing that gravely endangered their lives, Lunar Orbiter did not carry out its mission to map the entire Moon, and crashed onto the surface. Decades later, president George W. Bush initiated the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter program which had the exact same mission as the initial robot, but it was terminated by the Obama administration. After analyzing the footage from Lunar Orbiter 2, scientists came across a surprising discovery, the famous robot took pictures of the what seems to be the crash site of an alien ship.

Even though Lunar Orbiter 2 did not carry out its mission, it did capture on film evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth’s natural satellite. Have a look at the amazing pictures of an alien spaceship crash site and decide for yourself if aliens did land on the moon before us. Humans also have airplane engines and parts that fall from the sky

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