5 Most Interesting Eco-Friendly Suspended Rooms

Check out the following five most interestingly designed,  coolest eco-friendly suspended rooms that you can either rent or buy. These are not prototypes or projects, but already existing locations.  

Whether a cool optical illusion or not, we know of suspended buildings. On the same note, creating quite a buzz in the field, green structures are the main symbol of our architectural future. But have you ever wondered about the constructions which offer you both? The following rooms, put comfort and adventure together with eco-functionality under the same roof.

1. Free Spirit Spheres

They’re wooden, hand crafted spheres hanging from a web of rope. The Spheres are a combination of tree houses and sailboat construction and technology. They’re hanged onto at least 3 trees, so they can safely be held up high. 

Free Spirit Spheres all

There are 3 main types of units – Eve, Eryn and Melody – different in accommodation capacity and facilities. They are all equipped with a bed, integrated speakers, settee sitting, counter space, and cupboards.

 Free Spirit Spheres interior 3 

 Free Spirit Spheres interior

 Free Spirit Spheres interior 2

Eryn and Melody are wall thermostat heated and have a small sink and a very small refrigerator. To differentiate even more, Melody has adjustable lighting. 

The owners provide purified water and all necessary tools for fresh water and tea. 

To get to the spheres, you have to either climb a spiral staircase or pass a bridge.  

Free Spirit Spheres staircase   Free Spirit Spheres bridge

The spheres were built in by nature’s models and used to solve human accommodation. Hence becoming a classical form of bio-mimicry. Due to reduced measures, the shared, composting toilet resides outside. More facilities, such as washrooms, showers or sauna are to be found on the other side of the pond, far from a nature-bound experience that the spheres propose. 

Free Spirit Spheres model

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 

Invented/Manufactured by: Tom Chudleigh

2. The Cocoon Tree House

Basically, the Cocoon Tree is a home pod that you can assemble yourself in 2 hours. Of approximately 130 lbs, they also have a spherical aluminium structure which can hold up to 15 times its own weight.

Cocoon Tree House 1 

The Cocoon’s exterior is waterproofed. Its air conditioning mechanisms use wind and sun power. Moreover, the openings have mosquito screens. Its interior offers accommodation for 2 people with the help of a large bedroom and a custom made duvet. 

Cocoon Tree House 2

Cocoons come in different types depending on the environment – tree, beach or ‘jungle’ house. They have adaptable feet that allow them to be suspended in trees, floating rings, placed on lakes (if its bottom has a fixed post), etc. 

Cocoon Tree House 3      Cocoon Tree House possibilities

Location: –

Invented/Manufactured by: Berney du Payrant

3. The Soneva Kiri Tree Pod Dining

Due to its six star, unique, full, natural experience, the Soneva Kiri Eco-Resort is one of the most popular, dream honeymoon, not-at-all-cheap Thai attractions. It consists of approximately 40 villas and 20 private residences with outdoor bathtubs.

Soneva Kiri Tree Pod Dining 1

Its most impressive attraction, though, is the tree pod dining restaurant situated into the heart of the Koh Kood rain forest. As the name states it, you can fully experience your meal 16 feet above the ground, in a woven tree pod. The food is delivered to you via a zip line.  

Soneva Kiri Tree Pod Dining 4   Soneva Kiri Tree Pod Dining

 Soneva Kiri Tree Pod Dining 2

Everything they provide, from mosquito repellent to body lotion, is eco-friendly.

Location: Thailand

Invented/Manufactured by: – 

4. The Tree Hotel

This Sweedish tree hotel is comprised of several unique accomodation units. Each “room” has been individually designed by different architects. They shelter a 161 – 322 square feet area that can accommodate at most 4 people.

Among current units we note:

  • The Cabin

It’s a double room. You can reach it via a bridge among the trees. It has a terrace and a bathroom. Its scope was to create a platform on a high hill, to overlook the near-by river.

Tree Hotel - The Cabin   Tree Hotel - The Cabin int

  • The Bird’s Nest

This is a room of major contrast between the modern interior and the raw, natural exterior. From the outside it looks like a giant bird nest, while from the inside it’s a family apartment. It shelters two bedrooms, a bathroom and living area. You can reach it by climbing the entrance staircase.

Tree Hotel - The Nest ext 1    Tree Hotel - The Nest int

  • The UFO

It is built for 5 people (two adults and three children) this meaning it has a double bed room and a room with separate beds. Moreover, it includes a bathroom and living space. The UFO room has a modern feel to it in terms of both interior and exterior design. 

Tree Hotel - UFO ext    Tree Hotel - UFO int

  • The Mirrorcube

The Mirrorcube is a camouflage room. Due to having its exterior made of mirror walls, it hides away the entire place, creating a very interesting view. It can accommodate two people using a bathroom and a lounge. Moreover, it offers a rooftop terrace. You can access it by crossing a bridge to it. 

Tree Hotel - Mirrorcube ext    Tree Hotel - Mirrorcube int

The Tree Hotel units are hanging 13 – 19 feet above the ground. You can get to them by ramp, suspended bridge or even electric stairs. They all use composting toilets and water-efficient sinks. 

Location: Norhten Sweeden 

Invented/Manufactured by: various architects

5. E’Terra Samara Eco-Friendly Resort

The E’Terra Samara Resort consists of nearly 12 luxurious villas with a futuristic design. Their scope was to facilitate this human-nature interraction and to instruct people on inhabiting wild nature without disturbing the environment. 

E'Terra Samara ext 2   E'Terra Samara structure

The unit-villas hug the trees, instead of perforating it, hence no harming. They are equipped with a bedroom and a fully furnished living area. Also, they incorporate composting toilets and an eco-friendly shower.

E'Terra Samara int

On the exterior, they are dressed by a PTTE fiberglass, non toxic fabric roof to protect from different, more or less severe weather conditions.   

E'Terra Samara ext

Location: near by Toronto, Canada

Invented/Manufactured by: Farrow Partnership Architects

This is our collection of interesting, cool and weird eco-friendly, suspended rooms.

If you have spotted one that impressed you more, have designed or manufactured yourself a cooler or more useful one, or you just feel the need to express gratitude towards these creations and their builders, there’s only one thing to do!

Be a pal and share your opinion in the comments area! That’s where we’re having all the fun!

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