5 False Myths Which Most People Believe Are Real

5 False Myths Which Most People Believe Are Real

How sure are you that the Great Wall Of China is visible from space? If your answer is pretty sure, think again, you wouldn’t want to make a bet and lose it based on that assumption. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 myths which you’ve heard off, and you could almost swear that they’re real, when in fact they’re just legends. Do you know what would happen if you throw a coin off the Empire State building? Well let’s find out!

1.The Great Wall Of China is visible from space

You couldn’t be more wrong, have a look below and see if you can spot it… (hint look for black line that runs from upper right to lower left). Even if the wall is extremely long (9000 kilometers) the massive structure is not visible from outer space. At most, on a bright sunny day, the wall is visible from a hight of 180 miles above ground level.

2. Throw a coin off the Empire State Building and you can kill someone

Well this myth would be true if King Kong were holding the coin… other than that, scientists have proven that a coin falling off the emblematic building couldn’t possibly have the speed necessary to make a hole in someone’s head.

3. We only use 10 of our brain

Ahem, some do, but the average person uses a lot more, still a small part of our neurons is used, but we use different parts of our brain matter on distinct processes, and the percentage we use is bigger then just a tenth part of it.

4. Humans only have 5 senses

False! Apart from the classical senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and tasting, scientist also believe that humans have the sense of balance, we are able to perceive acceleration and our own body’s position in space. We can also perceive time, or hunger… a sum up of all our senses will lead us to a whooping total of 20 senses.

5. Bulls go crazy when they see red

This couldn’t be more wrong… this myth has turned into general knowledge due to the fact that matadors use a red cape to lure the bull. The truth is that movement makes the bull attack, not the color. Bulls are colorblind, they can only see in black and white (and some shades of gray).

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