20 Most Unusual Strangest Halloween Costumes for 2016

15. Twosome Mask – Conjoined creepy twins

Twosome Mask - Conjoined creepy twins Halloween Costume

I find this really disturbing, creepy and scary! Can you imagine how you would react if both heads will eat candies in front of you? Me neither. But I know it won’t be pink…

16. Big Eye-head

Eye-head Halloween Costume

These suit and tie are so classy and they fit with your eye color…! Haha, brilliant costume…

17. Fancy Full Size Rooster

Fancy Rooster Halloween Costume

This is such a hilarious outfit, chicken dude! Oops, I mean rooster dude! What were you thinking when you dressed this costume? Chicks? I guess you wanted to show your friends that you are the head of the family and not the hen…

18. Vintage Phone Mask and hat

Vintage Phone Mask Halloween Costume

What a cute couple. They are all phones and eyes! No need for mind reading here…

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19. ‘Little Mermaid’ Lame Dude

Little Mermaid Dude Halloween Costume

Hey there ‘little’ Mermaid! I think you should pray for some legs, otherwise you can’t go for a Halloween night out! And you shouldn’t… I must say you’re pretty damn lame! This must be the lamest Halloween costume ever. I could bet my pants on it…

20. Fake Hole Man

Fake-Hole-Man Halloween Costume

Pretty extreme, eh? This is awkward! Poor blouse… all that blood there. Hey, hey you… I think you have a hole in your soul!

If you don’t wanna pick a costume for you, as a last minute costume, then maybe you can dress your pet (if you feel evil), or your kid (you smile, don’t you?), or decorate your house (if you feel boring),  but my advice is to feel free of adult responsibilities and have fun for one night. It is never late for being young and do some silly, wired things.

There are few more days until Halloween, so if you do not have any idea about what unusual and weird costume to wear, share this article with your friends and start being WEIRD! and unique (did I mention that already?) There is nothing wrong with being unique and peculiar! Have fuuun! 

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