10 Biggest And Most Impressive Eco or Recycled Sculptures


What does it represent? The slow slugs are an artistic installation.

Size – 2 pieces of 59 ft. 5″ (18 m) long; 24 ft. 60″ (7.5 m) wide; 16 ft. 42″ (5 m) tall

Environmental impact – The creator’s love for the environment was the inspiration for these cool, awesome pieces.

Slow Slugs 2 - France - 2012

Metal, football nets and 40 000 recycled plastic bags are what composes these awesome and impressive pieces. Thus, they move in the wind.

Slow Slugs 3 - France - 2012

They are ascending a staircase up to a huge catholic church. The road is a representative symbol for the slow journey towards death of commercialized societies.

Slow Slugs 4 - France - 2012

The slugs were present at the 2012 Accroche-Coeurs art festivals.

Slow Slugs - France - 2012

Placement & Time: Angers, France; 2012

Artist: Florentijin Hofman



What does it represent? This sculpture is the representation of a mammoth itself. It aims to bring tribute to the colossal size and the past through modern art.

Size – real size mammoth

Environmental impact – This awesome piece is environmentally protective since it’s all made of left over rice straws from the farmers’ harvest. Through their donations, they have contributed to creating a sustainable and organically composed artwork.

Giant Mammoth - Musashino University - 2010

Symbolic or not, a short while after they displayed the mammoth, it got knocked over by a typhoon. The artist who created it decided to leave it like that though the Japanese culture would have implied to fix a broken art work.

Giant Mammoth - Musashino University 2 - 2010

Placement & Time: Musashino Art University; 2010

Artist: Musashino Art University students



What does it represent? These incredibly cool sculptures are several ecological gardens raised up in public areas

Environmental impact – Though their main purpose was that of transforming the city, the vertical gardens have several environmental benefits. Since they’re in the busiest intersections, one of them would be that of improving air quality.

Large Vertical Gardens - Mexico - 2012

They also absorb traffic noise, so this is another major plus. Overall, the gates have a significant contribution to improving quality of life for Mexico’s inhabitants.

Large Vertical Gardens 3 - Mexico - 2012

These amazing sculptures were part of a wider campaign among automakers. “Respira” or “Breathe” aimed to increase both awareness and commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle, by implementing specific practices.

VerdMX nonprofit organization and Nissan Mexicana were the ones to initiate and implement this project. Together they wanted to both impress viewers and town esthetics and cleanse the air. Seems like they did a pretty good job, too.

Large Vertical Gardens 2 - Mexico - 2012

Placement & Time: Mexico City; 2012

Artist: Fernando Ortiz Monasterio

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