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Top 5 Weirdest Wrong Packages People Received

Top 5 Weirdest Wrong Packages People Received

Strangest Packages People Got Delivered – read about 5 of the weirdest shipments that have been delivered by mistake or not.

1. A slithering surprise in the mail

A woman from Illinois was stunned when opened the package she received via mail. She got a mail via FedEx, and when she opened the box, she got the surprise of her life.

She found in the box, the most exotic pet a person could wish for.

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Latest Ghost Appearances Around The World (2014)

2014 Latest news about ghosts appearances, paranormal appearing and strange after-life events from all over the world – 6 amazing stories about ghosts, spirits, specters and angel spirits. 

Take a look at the strange story of a ghost from the former maximum security prison Alcatraz.

1. The ghost from Alcatraz Prison

It’s said that the spirits of the merciless and worse criminals imprisoned here are still haunting the place. An American couple was visiting the building when they saw something unprecedented. The woman shot a photo of what it looks like a spirit. Read more1x1.trans Latest Ghost Appearances Around The World (2014) as seen on


Bizzare Fish Rain and other Animal Rainfalls

The weird recent fish rainfall from Sri Lanka – and other 3 incredible stories of animals literally falling from the sky!

We are all accustomed with the lovely spring or autumn rains, or the strong storms. What if one day, you leave the house and notice that instead of normal rain formed by water you witness a real fish rain?!

The inhabitants of the Sri Lanka isle experienced recently an uncommon rain. They saw fish falling from the sky, literally.
There have been recorded odd rains during the years, but it’s the first time people witness this phenomenon at this scale. Read more1x1.trans Bizzare Fish Rain and other Animal Rainfalls  as seen on


The Bizarre Chat for Talking With Dead People

The Creepy, yet Weird Chat That Will Let People Talk With Persons who Passed Away (yes, dead people who you knew) – read about this strange software and other similar inventions.

Let’s read about the interesting invention that allows people to talk with other … dead people.

The project is the result of the work of the MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Do you remember one of the first Superman movies.  Superman enters a crystal cave where he is able to talk with his deceased father. Well, this program is somewhat similar to that idea. Read more1x1.trans The Bizarre Chat for Talking With Dead People as seen on


The Weirdest New Breed – The Werewolf Cat

The Laykoi Cat is the new Bizarre Werewolf Cat Breed – read about the latest fashion in pet breeds and other natural mutations that lead to “fantasy” looking cats.

Let’s see what is so special about this new cat breed:

The Laykoi breed is said to be a natural mutation from a domestic cat that has short hair. This new breed has a very similar appearance with a werewolf. The owners of the first pair of Lykoi cats claim that they did not do any preparations in order to obtain them. The genetics laboratory received more cases of cats with this look, but they were all from the well-know Sphynx breed.  Read more1x1.trans The Weirdest New Breed   The Werewolf Cat as seen on


The Peculiar Case of the Yemeni Girl who is Crying Stones

The Interesting Case of the Girl who is crying with stone tears – Read about the astonishing case of the girl who cries with pebbles and another similar case

Let’s dig into the bizarre story of the girl crying rocks:

The mysterious phenomenon has amazed all medical field in Yemen. The doctors claim that they never seen such a strange medical problem. 

Saadyia Saleh is 12 years old and is from Yemen. She looks like any ordinary girl of her age, but her problem is way out of the ordinary.  Read more1x1.trans The Peculiar Case of the Yemeni Girl who is Crying Stones as seen on


The Bizarre Case of the Real “Ghost” Baby

The Weird Baby Born Without Blood in their Body - Read about the odd case of a baby born without blood and other two strange cases of babies born without bones or skin.

Let’s take a look at the incredible case of the “real ghost” baby:

The case of the “ghost” baby remembers us about the strange bloodless creatures from the movies, the vampires. However, there is no reason to panic because there are no such things. 

The “ghost” baby is a rare illness, and its name is fetal-maternal hemorrhage. This condition consists in the fact that the blood cells of the fetal are lost in the maternal circulations. They usually occur in normal pregnancies on a low rate, but also in cases of obstetric or trauma complications related to pregnancy.  Read more1x1.trans The Bizarre Case of the Real Ghost Baby as seen on


The Most Bizarre Rocks in The World

These Rocks will Rock Your World With Their Weirdness Check out the following amazing rocks that amaze through their growing abilities and shapes. 

The weirdest rocks of them all are the following:

The Trovants from Romania is a strange formation of rocks. It is amazing that these rocks seem to be alive and grow by themselves for those who do not know or understand the process of their formation. The rocks seem like a part of some sci-fi movie. The place of their “birth” is the small village of Costesti, in Romania.  Read more1x1.trans The Most Bizarre Rocks in The World as seen on


The Most Dangerous Trees In The World

It is scary how dangerous these trees and woody plants can be! The following toxic trees: the Manchineela and 6 others will amaze you. 

At the top of the list is the amazing and not approachable:

The Manchineel tree is the most dangerous tree in the whole world. This deadly tree is a part of the species Hippomane mancinella and is a flowering plant. The name of the tree has Spanish origins and comes from the word manzanilla, which means “little apple”.

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The Weirdest Translucent Sea Creatures

You won’t believe how amazing and weird are these translucent sea creatures! We have a new awesome translucent fish catch, and presenting another 7 examples!

First is the new catch:

A fisherman Caught a See-Through Shrimp-Like Creature in the Ocean

The amazing event happened in the clear and beautiful water around the New Zealand. The name of the fisherman is Stewart Fraser, and he went fishing, like usually, next to the Karikari Peninsula, when he encountered the weird shrimp-like creature.

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