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Funniest Group Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes for groups – take a look at our list of the funniest and coolest costumes for 2 or more persons.

When you think about Halloween, you think about candies, pumpkins, but most of all, about costumes. Everyone wants to wear something original and cool, and mostly fun. It’s common to have a unique costume, but Halloween is also a fest for fun, so what is more enjoyable than wearing a group costume with your friends.

Usually, the groups or matching costumes are the sensations of the party. Check out the collection of funny group costumes we’ve gathered for you

1. Animal Group Costumes

The first idea for a group costume is of course, the traditional animal costume shared by two people. One of the 2 friends is the “head” and the other is the “tail” (or the others). Take a look at the following funny group Halloween costumes.

Lots of ideas on how to dress for your perfect funny Halloween costumes!

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Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain 2

World’s 7 Most Incredible and Weirdest Cities

We assembled a Top 7 of interesting, incredibile and weirdest destinations in the world that definitely stand out. To some extent, most of us like to travel. Mostly because we like to discover new cultures, new ideas and challenge our world view. This list is meant to impress and blow you away with some of the weirdest cities in the worldRead more1x1.trans Worlds 7 Most Incredible and Weirdest Cities as seen on

Birds On The Wire - Jarbas Agnelli

7 Most Weird And Interesting Ways Of Making Music

To inspire you also, we’ve put together a list with 7 of the most weird, incredible or interesting ways of creating pleasant sounds. You like music, don’t you? So do we! So whenever we’re shuffling through poor playlists, music making comes to mind. 

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Cocoon Tree House 1

5 Most Interesting Eco-Friendly Suspended Rooms

Check out the following five most interestingly designed,  coolest eco-friendly suspended rooms that you can either rent or buy. These are not prototypes or projects, but already existing locations.  

Whether a cool optical illusion or not, we know of suspended buildings. On the same note, creating quite a buzz in the field, green structures are the main symbol of our architectural future. But have you ever wondered about the constructions which offer you both? The following rooms, put comfort and adventure together with eco-functionality under the same roof.

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Top 7 Most Useful & Smart Boxes

The smartest and most useful boxes – read about these 7 special boxes meant to ease our lives or protect us and our aliments.

1st in our top is the GreenBox PizzaBox.

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Awesome Cyborg Body Parts To Help Disabled People

The Amazing and Awesome Real Cyborg Body Parts That Will Help People With Disabled People - read about the musician with the cyborg hand and other incredible stories.

First, let’s take a look at the amazing story of the amputee drummer with a cool cyborg arm:

Jason Barnes was a drummer before the accident that took place two years ago. He lost his arm from the elbow below after he suffered from an electric shock.
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The Cool Electronic Tongue That Can Identify Beer

The Cool Robotic Tongue That Can Tell you The Brand of Beer 

Presenting 3 electronic devices that can actually taste, and they will amaze you by their abilities of analyzing taste and flavor. 

First, let’s take a look at this cool tongue that will amaze you:

A group of researchers from Spain managed to build the first robotic tongue that can taste the beer. The news appears in the journal “Food Chemistry“, a magazine dedicated to scientific researches in the food domain. The researchers are from the Autonomous University from Barcelona, and the leader of the project is Manel del ValleRead more1x1.trans The Cool Electronic Tongue That Can Identify Beer as seen on


The Cool Mask That Allows The User to Breathe Underwater

The cool gadget, Triton that lets the user breathe when swimming without tanks

It is amazing to swim underwater and admire the flora and fauna of the ocean, but the submerging equipment can be very heavy and uncomfortable. The south Korean designer, Jeabyun Yeon created a gadget that lets the user breathe underneath the water without the need of oxygen tanks. Read more1x1.trans The Cool Mask That Allows The User to Breathe Underwater as seen on

BioPen 4

BioPen – Coolest Handheld 3D Printer for Surgery

Coolest – BioPen The Handheld 3D Printer for Surgeons

BioPen is a handheld 3D printer which allows surgeons to precisely design and deliver customized bone and other implant materials (live stem cells and growth factors) at the time of surgery to regenerate bone, cartilage, muscle, or nerve tissue. Read more about it right here. Read more1x1.trans BioPen   Coolest Handheld 3D Printer for Surgery as seen on

Japanese Smart Wig GPS 4

Japanese Smart Wig Uses GPS and Monitors Health

Japanese Scientists Create a Smart Wig which has GPS Navigation and Monitors Health

Japanese Scientists have created a cool new wig which uses GPS navigation and also has the capacity to monitor the health stats of whomever is wearing it. The so-called Smart wigs are able to monitor brainwaves, hand out directions and even control slide shows. Find out more about them right here.

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