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Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas – Trends and Events 2014

The Best Pumpkin Carving Tips and Ideas (2014 Halloween season)Coolest Jack-o’-lanterns. Read about pumpkin carvings that are following the trends and events of the year 2014.

The following tips will help you decorate your home for Halloween with the best-carved pumpkins, based on the events and trends of the year 2014. We made up a huge pretty cool list! Check them out. Read more1x1.trans Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas   Trends and Events 2014 as seen on


Funniest Group Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes for groups – take a look at our list of the funniest and coolest costumes for 2 or more persons.

When you think about Halloween, you think about candies, pumpkins, but most of all, about costumes. Everyone wants to wear something original and cool, and mostly fun. It’s common to have a unique costume, but Halloween is also a fest for fun, so what is more enjoyable than wearing a group costume with your friends.

Usually, the groups or matching costumes are the sensations of the party. Check out the collection of funny group costumes we’ve gathered for you. Read more1x1.trans Funniest Group Halloween Costumes as seen on

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain 2

World’s 7 Most Incredible and Weirdest Cities

We assembled a Top 7 of interesting, incredibile and weirdest destinations in the world that definitely stand out. To some extent, most of us like to travel. Mostly because we like to discover new cultures, new ideas and challenge our world view. This list is meant to impress and blow you away with some of the weirdest cities in the worldRead more1x1.trans Worlds 7 Most Incredible and Weirdest Cities as seen on


Top 5 Weirdest Wrong Packages People Received

Top 5 Weirdest Wrong Packages People Received

Strangest Packages People Got Delivered – read about 5 of the weirdest shipments that have been delivered by mistake or not.

1. A slithering surprise in the mail

A woman from Illinois was stunned when opened the package she received via mail. She got a mail via FedEx, and when she opened the box, she got the surprise of her life.

She found in the box, the most exotic pet a person could wish for.

Read more1x1.trans Top 5 Weirdest Wrong Packages People Received as seen on

Birds On The Wire - Jarbas Agnelli

7 Most Weird And Interesting Ways Of Making Music

To inspire you also, we’ve put together a list with 7 of the most weird, incredible or interesting ways of creating pleasant sounds. You like music, don’t you? So do we! So whenever we’re shuffling through poor playlists, music making comes to mind. 

Read more1x1.trans 7 Most Weird And Interesting Ways Of Making Music as seen on


Biggest 3D Printers – Pringting Houses

Biggest 3D Printers – 3D printing houses! Read about the amazing three huge 3D printers that can build houses and buildings in no time.

Almost everyone knows how long it takes to build a home. But the technology is at our service and building a house is nowadays piece of cake.

1. Largest 3D Printer from China Read more1x1.trans Biggest 3D Printers   Pringting Houses as seen on


Top 4 Biggest Bees and Hornets In The World

Top 4 – The largest hornets, bees and bumblebees ever. Read about these 4 terrifying, yet spectacular biggest bees and wasps.

1. The Megachile pluto – the giant among bees

The biggest bee ever discovered is Megachile pluto. The popular naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace did a research on the animals and plants in the jungles of Indonesia. In the 1859, he found an extremely rare species of bee. However, for the next 120 years, no one else spotted again the largest bee on Earth, and they believed it came extinct.

Read more1x1.trans Top 4 Biggest Bees and Hornets In The World as seen on

Cocoon Tree House 1

5 Most Interesting Eco-Friendly Suspended Rooms

Check out the following five most interestingly designed,  coolest eco-friendly suspended rooms that you can either rent or buy. These are not prototypes or projects, but already existing locations.  

Whether a cool optical illusion or not, we know of suspended buildings. On the same note, creating quite a buzz in the field, green structures are the main symbol of our architectural future. But have you ever wondered about the constructions which offer you both? The following rooms, put comfort and adventure together with eco-functionality under the same roof.

Read more1x1.trans 5 Most Interesting Eco Friendly Suspended Rooms as seen on


Longest Wedding Dresses In The World

World’s Longest Bride Dresses Ever – take a look at the longest wedding dress that belong to the Chinese and other amazingly long dresses.

Jing Mei from China wanted to make an amazing entrance at her wedding, but she turned to be a sensation to the entire world.

1. The wedding dress that measures 4100 meters

Jing Mei wanted her wedding day to be special, but what she decided for this day became history. Her wedding dress has been no shorter than 2.5 miles. The dress is truly amazing.

Read more1x1.trans Longest Wedding Dresses In The World as seen on


The Biggest Coin Treasures Discovered

Biggest coin treasures ever found buried in the ground – take a look at the roman treasures recently found and other 5 amazing coin treasure discoveries.

First let’s take a look at what any treasure hunter is dreaming about, and that is a huge coin treasure.

1. 20 000 Roman coins treasure

One of the biggest and most recent treasures ever found was located near Seaton, in East Devon. An amazing discovery has been succeeded by the enthusiast treasure hunter, Laurence Egerton. He is a builder and metal detector lover from East Devon who works under licence. His recent work was focused on the excavated site of a Roman villa at Honeyditches.  Read more1x1.trans The Biggest Coin Treasures Discovered as seen on